How to choose the right baby stroller

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For newborn babies, classic strollers-cradles, transformers, modular systems 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 are suitable. A classic cradle is an ideal choice for a baby from the first days of life until he learns to sit. The transformer grows together with the baby and will serve him up to 3 years. 2 in 1 and 3 in 1 are the most comfortable and practical transport systems that will solve the needs of a baby on a walk up to 3-4 years old in one fell swoop. When choosing, it is important to take into account that, first of all, the stroller must be reliable, comfortable and conducive to the proper development of the baby.

Stroller CRADLE

From the first days of life to 6 months, the stroller will provide the baby with the necessary level of comfort during this most important period of development for him. This model does not just have a spacious bed and a rigid frame, it has an important advantage: an absolutely horizontal, rigid bottom, which contributes to the correct formation of the spine. Thanks to the high position of the cradle, the baby has good visual contact with his mother. Most models are equipped with a mattress, have an adjustable hood, a carrying handle and legs, with which the cradle can be placed on any surface without soiling the bottom. Depending on the brand, the bassinets can be made of wood or plastic, can be solid, shockproof, insulated or have a ventilation system. In some strollers, the angle of the backrest and the headrest can be adjusted at the cradle.

Stroller 2 In 1

The 2-in-1 modular system is a universal stroller that consists of a chassis, a cradle and a walking block and will last a baby up to 3 years. This practical option makes it easy to change the main unit to a walking unit when the baby starts to sit down or reaches 6 months. Strollers 2 in 1 are very popular: mostly such systems are produced by well-established brands.

Stroller 3 In 1

The 3-in-1 modular system is a full-fledged transport system: a chassis, a cradle, a walking block and a group 0+ car seat, in which the baby can travel up to 1 year. Such a modular system will be cheaper than buying everything separately. The cradle can be quickly changed to a walking block with the help of retainers or adapters. The car seat can also be mounted on the chassis or used as a carrier.

Stroller 4 In 1

The 4-in-1 modular system is a universal solution for the comfort of a child from birth to 3 years old. In addition to the transport system (cradle, walking block, car seat), the kit includes a special stand for the cradle. Thanks to the stand, the cradle turns into a full – fledged crib-you do not need to wake the baby if he fell asleep during a walk. This option is very convenient for traveling.



The transformer stroller is also universal and will suit the baby from the first days of life to 3 years. At first glance, the transformer resembles a wheelchair, but it has significant differences: this is a “walk” that unfolds to a horizontal position or has an additional carrying cradle-it is installed directly on the back of the main unit. When the baby learns to sit, the cradle-carrier can be removed and the back can be raised. Transformers are often equipped with a swing handle, but the position of the cradle is lower than that of the classic models.


As a rule, cradles have a rigid frame, a roomy sleeping place with a horizontal bottom position. Pediatricians recommend an exceptionally smooth and rigid bed for the proper development of the baby’s spine. In standard strollers for newborns, the length of the cradle is usually about 80 cm, and the width is up to 40 cm. The cradle should be spacious and deep: in such a cradle, the baby will be comfortable even in voluminous winter clothes.


The mattress supports the baby’s back and to some extent sets the microclimate in the cradle, but only if it has the “right” filler. The mattress in strollers for newborns can be made of foam rubber, coconut or buckwheat fiber. There are also mattresses made of linen and latex.
Pediatricians strongly recommend choosing a hard mattress made of coconut or buckwheat fiber — such mattresses are orthopedic, quite rigid, hypoallergenic, durable and do not absorb moisture. The latex filler has hypoallergenic properties and is quite rigid, providing excellent conditions for the baby’s spine. The flax filler is a natural antiseptic, but it unnecessarily absorbs moisture. And foam mattresses are not hard enough for newborn babies.


Bassinets for newborns or walking blocks in modular systems are equipped with multi-position hoods. As a rule, hoods are made of water-and dirt-repellent materials and have an observation window. Many strollers in hoods have additional sections with zippers — with their help, you can increase the volume of the hood, and with a ventilation section to create a comfortable temperature for the baby. An inconspicuous but important detail in the hood is the sun visor, which will make walking more comfortable at any time of the year. In some brands, the hoods can be completely lowered, have an impregnation from ultraviolet rays or a built-in mosquito net. [

Models for newborns have a chassis with four large-diameter wheels that will cope with any road. Less common are models with tricycle landing gear for greater maneuverability. The wheels on the chassis can be plastic or rubber: plastic wheels are not afraid of punctures, and rubber wheels need to be pumped up, but partially perform a shock-absorbing function — they overcome obstacles more gently. There are also wheels made of foam rubber or a new generation of EVO material, which provides excellent cushioning and has a lower chance of puncturing compared to inflatable rubber wheels. Manufacturers pay great attention to shock absorption, which softens bumps and obstacles on the road. Often strollers for newborn babies have a soft suspension, which provides good cushioning and the ability to rock the baby. The softness of the ride is affected not only by the material and size of the wheels, but also by the number of shock absorbers and the presence of bearings. Also, the chassis of many modern strollers for newborns have a height-adjustable handle for the height of the parents.


The exterior trim is made of water-and dirt-repellent materials with a windproof impregnation — it is enough to wipe the stroller from the outside to clean it. Often there are models that, among other things, have an impregnation with protection from UV rays. The interior upholstery materials depend on the brand, but most have hypoallergenic materials — usually a pleasant-to-touch natural cotton.


Strollers for newborn babies and modular systems are quite compact when folded: the upper block is removed, and the chassis is folded like a “book” and placed in a standard car trunk. For the most compact transport, the wheels can be removed from the chassis.


Almost all strollers for newborn babies are equipped with a shopping basket. Most have hard or soft fabric baskets, with or without mesh inserts — they are easy to remove and can be cleaned. Such baskets can be open or closed – with a zipper or lock. There are also metal baskets, but they are not removable.


The complete set depends on the brand and type: most have a raincoat, a cape for legs, a mosquito net and a bag for storing bottles and toys. There are also additional bonuses in the form of umbrellas, mattresses, winter mittens or couplings. Often manufacturers supplement the equipment with wheel covers, and strollers with inflatable wheels sometimes have a pump included. In some brands, among the additional accessories, you can buy a footrest for a second baby or skids for active winter walks.

Stroller for WINTER & SUMMER

For newborns who will have to walk in the winter, you should choose insulated or solid-cast, windproof cradles with high sides. Pay attention to the materials: these samples are made of water-repellent fabric with windproof impregnation or eco-leather. Winter strollers also have a voluminous, windproof hood and a insulated cape on the legs. Often modern strollers for newborns are adapted for walking at any time of the year and are marked ” winter-summer»: they are made of dense materials and removable insulation, and are equipped with an air circulation system that maintains a comfortable temperature inside the cradle at any time of the year.
For summer walks, more lightweight models are suitable — non-insulated bassinets with ventilation holes in the bottom and sections in the hood. In summer strollers, the cape on the legs is often equipped with a mosquito net. During the holiday period, it will be useful if the selected model is conveniently folded and placed in the trunk of the car.

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