Best TV for your kitchen 2021

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Choosing a television for the kitchen is not a trivial matter. Apart from the small diagonal size, there are many factors to consider: viewing angle, thickness of the body, design to match the kitchen set or existing appliances and so on. The things that may not seem important for a large “room” TV have a chance to be decisive here.

So what have the world’s leading TV manufacturers got in store for our very different kitchens in 2021?

How do you choose a TV for your kitchen?


Size does matter, but in this case bigger is not necessarily better. Rather, what matters is how compact and easy it is to place. After all, in the kitchen, your television must be within comfortable viewing distance without taking up valuable space or cluttering it. So you have to rely on the size of the room:

For small kitchens of 6-9 m², models with a diagonal size of 19-20;
For medium-sized kitchens 10-15 m², 22-24 ʺ;
For larger kitchens of 18m² and up, you can consider screens of 32 ʺ and larger, but then the selection principle is the same as for any other room.

Viewing angles

An important parameter for a good kitchen television, because unlike the living room or living room you often have to look at the screen from different angles. And no one likes irritating to the eye distorted picture. It is quite comfortable when viewing angles from 170 ° horizontally and vertically, and the best today is considered to be 178 °/178 °.

Screen resolution

We proceed from the fact that the vast majority of kitchens will be best served by 19-25 ʺ TVs, for which two formats are available: HD-ready 720p (1280×720 pixels) and Full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixels). The former will be sufficient for comfortable viewing of digital or analogue TV broadcasts, while the latter will appeal to fans of high quality video from external sources.


Just like their kinescope prototypes, modern LED TVs for kitchen are able to receive analogue over-the-air TV channels with a connected antenna. But that’s why they’re modern, so they’re not limited to this simple action.

A few useful extras:

Digital broadcasting support. “Analogue broadcasts are of limited relevance and image quality on LCD screens has traditionally been poor. Therefore, the minimum requirement for a tuner is the ability to receive DVB-T2 digital terrestrial channels. Digital cable DVB-C and satellite DVB-S2 standards are also available.
USB port. Allows connection of hard disks, USB sticks to view video, photo and audio files or to record broadcasts.
Smart TV with Wi-Fi. This turns your TV into a complete multimedia centre with wireless internet access. You can watch movies, TV series, listen to music or, for example, easily find the recipes you need while doing your cooking.
Installation options
All TVs come with a stand for easy placement on your desk, nightstand or shelf. In some models, they can be transformed into a hanging unit. However, for kitchens special brackets are often in demand, providing the required distance from the wall, tilt and rotation of the display. These are purchased separately and the appropriate format is specified in the TV specification.

Category Place Model name Rating Price
The best compact TVs for small kitchens (20-22 inches) 1 LG 22LH450V 9.7 / 10
2 Hyundai H-LED22ET2001 9.5 / 10
3 HARPER 20R470T 9.4 / 10
4 Polarline 20PL12TC 9.3 / 10
5 ECON EX-22FT007B 9.2 / 10
Best TVs for the kitchen 24-28″ diagonal 1 LG 28TL510V-PZ 9.7 / 10
2 Samsung UE24H4070AU 9.6 / 10
3 Philips 24PHS4304 9.5 / 10
4 TCL LED24D3100 9.4 / 10
5 BBK 24LEM-1043/T2C 9.3 / 10
The best smart TVs for the kitchen 1 LG 28TN525S-PZ 9.8 / 10
2 Samsung T27H390SI 9.7 / 10
3 Haier LE24K6500SA 9.6 / 10
4 TELEFUNKEN TF-LED24S05T2S 9.4 / 10
The best TV for built-in kitchen furniture 1 AVEL AVS240WS 9.9 / 10

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